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10 Commandments in Order emacs how to answer yes

[Картинка: i_011.jpg]. Revert buffer from filefilename? (yes or no). You can set the value for the Case-Insensitive Search option permanently by selecting Save Options from the Options menu or by adding this line to your.emacs file:. 5.3 Printing from Emacs. Adding diary entries. To use fill prefixes, it’s best to be in auto-fill mode. If your mode line saysFill on it, you’re already in auto-fill mode. If it doesn’t, typeM-x auto-fill-mode Enter.. В В В В В В В В В В result += y;. One other edit-time feature worth pointing out is the Code Generation item in the JDE menu. It has some great timesavers built-in, as shown inTable 9-7.. You can add one of the following pairs of lines to your.emacs file to make sure CPerl mode is invoked rather than Perl mode. (define-key global-map “\C-xl” ‘goto-line). Note that we do not cover Lisp in its entirety in this chapter. That would require another large, dense book. Instead, we cover the basics of the language and

other features that are often useful in writing Emacs code. If you wish to go beyond this chapter, refer to theGNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual, distributed with Emacs (choose Helpв†’ More Manuals в†’ Introduction to Lisp and Emacs Lisp Reference) for details about the specific Lisp features in Emacs. You may also turn to any of the various Lisp textbooks[73] available for a solid grounding in the language itself.. В В В В В В В В (concat word “s”). : \\(error\\|warning\\) C[0-9]+:” 1 3). В */. TableВ E-6.В Search and replace commands (Chapter 3)KeystrokesCommand nameActionC-sEditв†’Searchв†’Incremental Searchв†’Forward Stringisearch-forwardStart incremental search forward; follow by search string. Also, find next occurrence (forward) of search string.C-rEditв†’Searchв†’Incremental Searchв†’Backward Stringisearch-backwardStart incremental search backward; follow by search string. Also, find next occurrence (backward) of search string..

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