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10 Commandments in Order emacs how to use jedi

If the cursor is here:M-d makes this edit:It was the worst of timesIt was the w_of timesIt was theworst of timesIt was the_of timesIt was the worst of timesIt was the wors_of times. Bookmarks make the process of finding your place in any file easier. Particularly if you are working on a project several directories down from your home directory or in a totally different filesystem, putting bookmarks in the file makes it easy to get back there.. Emacs prompts you for a command to execute (Windows).. PressTab repeatedly to the end of the window, pressEnter, then pressTab once.. [Картинка: i_167.jpg]. Emacs draws a line up that completes the box.. В В В В result += y;. Line 2 contains alet construct, whose general form is:. TableВ 13-1.В CUA mode commandsKeystrokesCommand nameActionC-c C-x C-xcua-exchange-point-and-markExchange location of cursor and mark.C-ccopy-region-as-killCopy the region.C-xorC-worS-Deletekill-regionDelete the region.C-vorC-yorS-Insertcua-pastePaste most recently killed or copied text.M-vcua-repeat-replace-regionAfter highlighting and replacing a string, find the next string and replace it the same way.PgUpcua-scroll-upScroll up one page (or to the beginning of the buffer).PgDowncua-scroll-downScroll down one page (or to the end of the buffer).M-ycua-paste-popAfterC-v, pastes earlier deletion.C-zorC-x ucua-undoUndoes the last change.C-x C-ziconify-frameMinimize the current frame (whatC-z does outside CUA mode).. Info-index-next. TableВ E-19.В Lisp commands (Chapter 9)KeystrokesCommand nameActionC-M-bbackward-sexpMove backward by one S-expression.C-M-fforward-sexpMove forward by one S-expression.C-M-ttranspose-sexpsTranspose the two S-expressions around the cursor.C-M-@mark-sexpSet mark to the end of the current S-expression; set the cursor to the beginning.C-M-kkill-sexpDelete the S-expression following the cursor.(none)backward-kill-sexpDelete the S-expression preceding the cursor.C-M-nforward-listMove forward by one list.C-M-pbackward-listMove backward by one list.C-M-ddown-listMove forward and down one parenthesis level.(none)up-listMove forward out of one parenthesis level.C-M-ubackward-up-listMove backward out of one parenthesis level.C-M-abeginning-of-defunMove to the beginning of the current function.C-M-eend-of-defunMove to the end of the current function.C-M-hmark-defunPut the cursor at the beginning of the function, put the mark at the end.. The online edition of this book was created by the Safari production group (John Chodacki, Ken Douglass, and Ellie Cutler) using a set of Frame-to-XML conversion and cleanup tools written and maintained by Erik Ray, Benn Salter, John Chodacki, Ellie Cutler, and Jeff Liggett.. Unfortunately, because such variables are defined before they are made local to the mode, there is still a problem with name clashes with global variables. Therefore, it is still important to use names that aren’t already used for global variables. A good strategy for avoiding this is to use variable names that start with the name of the mode.. For example, if you make changes to your.emacs file regularly, you will appreciate thatM-x eval-c is an acceptable prefix forM-x eval-current-buffer..