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500 internal server error is whatsapp server down

?Create any number of volumes on a disk as long as you have free space. ServerNameis the DNS name or IP address of the server andShareNameis the name of the share. In the following example, you connect to the D$ share on CorpServer25:. You also can disconnect users by following these steps:. 4.Tap or click Yes to confirm the action.ENDING ALL SESSIONS. Configuring synced sharing [Картинка: pic_19.png]. 3.On the Settings tab, set the template name, limit, and quota type. You should create a limit threshold first, and then create additional warning thresholds as necessary. In the Limit list, enter the limit value and specify whether you are setting the limit in kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, or terabytes.. FIGURE 5–4Configure membership for the selected group.. ?To track which address ranges are excluded, use the Excluded Address Range list.. You can delete active leases and reservations by following these steps:. ?Uses asynchronous DNS cache with an optimized response timing. 1.In Server Manager, tap or click Manage, and

then tap or click Add Roles And Features, or select Add Roles And Features in the Quick Start pane to start the Add Roles And Features Wizard. If the wizard displays the Before You Begin page, read the Welcome text, and then tap or click Next.. ? Do Not Allow Dynamic UpdatesChoose this option to disable dynamic updates in DNS. You should use this option only when the zone isn’t integrated with Active Directory.. 5.If you’re integrating the zone with Active Directory, choose one of the following replication strategies:. You use the text boxes on the Start Of Authority (SOA) tab as follows:. 3.If Windows Server doesn’t detect the print device automatically, you need to install the print device manually as described in the next set of instructions..

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