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If the computer doesn’t support hot swapping of internal drives, you must turn the computer off and then install the new drives. Then you can scan for new disks as described previously. If you are working with new disks that have not been initialized — meaning they don’t have disk signatures Disk Management willstart the Initialize Disk dialog box as soon it starts up and detects the new disks.. ? DetailsShows the volumes on the selected drive.. Encrypting directories and files. ?Implementing RAID on Windows Server 2012 R2. You can delete a primary partition, volume, or logical drive by following these steps:. Mapping a network drive. 2.Select Export from the Quota menu to display the Export Quota Settings dialog box. Choose the save location for the file containing the quota settings, and then enter a name for the file in the File Name text box. Tap or click Save.. FIGURE 5–7Select the registry path or value to secure.. In the case of a server crash and recovery, you might need to restore and then reconcile the DHCP database. To force DHCP to restore the database from backup, follow these steps:. 6.By default, the Render Print Jobs On Client Computers check box is selected, which configures the printer for Branch Office Direct Printing. With Branch Office Direct Printing, print jobs are rendered on client computers and then sent directly to the printer. If you want print jobs to be sent to the print server for rendering and then sent to the printer, clear the Render Print Jobs On Client Computers check box.. [Картинка: img1c17.jpg]. ? OwnerThe document’s owner.. ? START SYSTEMSTATEBACKUPStarts a system state backup by using the. ? Full server (all volumes with application data)Back up all volumes with application data if you want to be able to fully recover a server, along with its system state and application data. Because you are backing up all files, the system state, and application data, you should be able to fully restore your server by using only the Windows backup tools.. ? System Image RecoveryEnables you to recover a server’s operating system or perform a full system recovery. With an operating system or full system recovery, make sure your backup data is available and that you can log on with an account that has the appropriate permissions. With a full system recovery, keep in mind that data that was not included in the original backup will be deleted when you recover the system, including any in-use volumes that were not included in the backup..