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Even though you might think the first handler could be used by converting anExcept1 object into anExcept2 using the constructor conversion, the system will not perform such a conversion during exception handling, and you’ll end up at theExcept1 handler..   if (osptr) {.     size_t i = sieveChars.find(‘P’);.     out.write(origData[i], STR_LEN);. Thebitset class supports conversion to string object via itsto_string member function. To support multiple string classes,to_string is itself a template, following the pattern established by thebasic_string template discussed in Chapter 3. The declaration ofto_string inside ofbitset looks like this:.. The only compiler we have that gets this correct right out of the box is the Edison Design Group front end. (A number of compilers use this front end, including Comeau C++.) The output should be:..   v5 = v1 + v2 + v3 + v4;.         << "\nPsuedo Last Element:\t". //{-msc}.       busy = false;. When youpush( ) an object onto apriority_queue, that object is sorted into the queue according to a function or function object. (You can allow the defaultless template to supply this, or you can provide one of your own.) Thepriority_queue ensures that when you look at thetop( ) element, it will be the one with the highest priority. When you’re done with it, you callpop( ) to remove it and bring the next one into place. Thus, thepriority_queue has nearly the same interface as astack, but it behaves differently.. #include.     }. #endif // USELOG1_H ///:~.   enum BPart {FRAME, WHEEL, SEAT, DERAILLEUR,.