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With each new Windows release, Microsoft supports a wider range of hardware devices and peripherals, of course. But with Windows 8 and the new portable scenarios that are opened up by tablets, Ultrabooks, and hybrids, the possibilities have expanded dramatically. And many of these possibilities are tied directly to new hardware capabilities that you should be aware of.. If you are using a Windows PC or device with wireless networking hardware, you will next be asked to choose a wireless network and then, if required, enter a password. Do so and then click Next.NOTE. Figure 2-27: The Boot Camp control panel [Картинка: i_040.jpg]. Mouse and touch users can also utilize Switcher, though with a bit more difficulty.. While it would be overly pedantic to step through every single command in this interface—we do have certain assumptions about your capabilities, after all—a short discussion of each of the new default tabs is perhaps in order.. While Windows 7 included a display scaling feature that made it a snap to enlarge the appearance of all desktop items using percentages like 125 percent and 150 percent, Windows 8 goes a step further by providing a new interface for just increasing the text size for specific items. It’s also found in the Display control panel, which can be accessed in a variety of ways, though the easiest is Start Search: Search fordisplay and then select Display from the search results.. These app landing pages, like those for categories and lists, feature some common elements. These elements include:. The IE Metro User Experience. Why so opaque? It’s pretty clear that Microsoft considers the Favorites list a legacy interface and would prefer users to start moving toward pinned sites. This will be fine for average consumers who only store a handful of frequently visited sites. But power users will need to know the workaround, or simply stick with the desktop version of IE.. You can’t play games with this virtual controller. After all, it only emulates a handful of buttons and some simple navigation controls. But with the Xbox 360 being used more and more for entertainment experiences of all kinds, Xbox Companion is a great way to interact with that content on the console, and to find games, videos, music, and more.. Everything about the space is normal from an Explorer perspective. You can even protect it with BitLocker if you want.. This is exciting because both of us have used MSE for years, and we trust it to protect not only our own PCs, but more crucially those of our families and friends. And we’ve experienced no major issues yet. Not once.. • AppLocker: Introduced with Windows 7 as a replacement for Software Restriction Policies (SRP), AppLocker is more flexible and malleable but offers the same basic functionality: It uses Group Policy-based rules to determine which applications users can and cannot access. But it goes deeper than SRP by introducing the concept of publisher rules, where admins can specify which application versions are allowed or disallowed. For example, suppose there’s a known vulnerability in an out-of-date version of Adobe Reader, the popular PDF viewer utility. With AppLocker, you could specify that users are allowed to install and use Adobe Reader 10.01 (or whatever) or newer, only. Problem solved: Users retain the ability to view PDFs and you, the administrator, don’t need to worry that they’re doing so with obsolete and potentially dangerous versions of the software.. • Software disabling: Your employer can specify that certain types of software be disabled, including consumer e-mail, POP3/IMAP e-mail, web browser, and more.. In my defense—our defense, since Rafael is of course my willing partner in this crime against both trees and those who would safely read before going to sleep—I have always taken the position, both in my writing for the SuperSite for Windows and in theSecrets books, that Windows isn’t a standalone “thing”; it’s the center of a vast ecosystem of related and connected products and services. That is, nobody buys Windows for Windows, per se. They buy Windows because of its promise of compatibility with the hardware, software, and, increasingly, services that they use and trust..