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Remote Desktop (host): While any Windows 8 PC or device can use a Remote Desktop client to remotely access other PCs or servers, only Windows 8 Pro can host such a session, allowing you or others to remotely access your own PC.CROSSREF. With Windows 7 and previous Windows versions, Microsoft provided a monolithic installation application called Windows Setup that was custom-tailored for managed businesses and PC makers but could also be used, in manual form, by end users. This same Setup application came with both the Full and Upgrade versions of Windows and provided a consistent interface between the two.. If you’re using an older or nonstandard keyboard that doesn’t have a Windows key, try Ctrl + Esc instead.. In Windows 8, Microsoft has added support for two very popular disc (and disk) image formats, ISO and VHD, allowing users to browse within these special files as if they were physical discs (or disks) connected to the PC.. Figure 4-34: VHD files mount as fixed disks in Windows 8: Here, Drive G: is a VHD, not a physical hard disk. [Картинка: i_113.jpg]. Figure 6-30: A selected tile on the Start screen [Картинка: i_194.jpg]. Figure 7-24: All newly pinned items are placed at the end of the Start screen by default. [Картинка: i_222.jpg]. Mail is a modern and fairly efficient e-mail solution, but as a mobile app it’s missing a few typical features one might be expecting. Key among these, perhaps, is the ability to drag and drop, such as you might do to move messages from one folder to another: This capability simply doesn’t exist in Mail, and if you’re used to managing mail in, say, Windows Live Mail, Outlook, or even web-based solutions like Hotmail or Office 365, it takes some getting used to. Remember: Metro-style apps work like—are, in fact—mobile apps, so they follow some usage patterns that may seem out of place on a full-featured PC.. Want to select all of the messages in

a folder? Select one and then press Ctrl + A.. The second place is in PC Settings, the new Metro-style control panel. If you access this interface (Winkey + C, Settings, More PC settings) and navigate to Personalize, Lock screen, as shown in Figure 8-38, you will see some pertinent settings for Calendar.. These options work as they do in the Music app, of course, and will vary from video to video. For example, some videos will not have the Play on Xbox 360 button available because of compatibility issues.Playing a Video. Once you have configured at least one storage pool, there are a few new options that present themselves. All of these are available from the main Storage Spaces control panel view, and all but the first three are found within the Storage pool area:. In the resulting display, you’ll be confronted with a question, part of Microsoft’s never-ending attempts to turn something technical into child’s play: Do you want to turn on sharing between PCs and connect to devices on this network?. • No, don’t turn on sharing or connect to devices. For networks in public places.. Though we are calling this new environment Metro, Microsoft—for legal reasons—is not. One alternative style of naming we’ve seen used, in which Metro is called “the Windows 8 UI,” and Metro-style apps are referred to as “Windows 8 apps,” is, to us, inadequate. Windows 8 provides two user experiences, what we call Metro and the desktop. And both are “Windows 8 UIs” that contains “Windows 8 apps.” So we’re sticking with the Metro name, which has been in use for a couple of years now and which we feel perfectly encapsulates the new environment and the apps that run within it. Yep. We’re rabble-rousers..

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