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android 10 android have youtube play in background

• Pointing devices, if they exist, are annoying (as anyone who has lost their stylus will tell you) or inexact (large fingers and “multi-touch” LCDs are not a good mix)..   . . >. Also, as with many GUI toolkits, you can create context menus. On a traditional GUI, this might be triggered by the right mouse button. On mobile devices, context menus typically appear when the user taps-and-holds over a particular widget. For example, if aTextView had a context menu and the device was designed for finger-based touch input, you could push theTextView with your finger, hold it for a second or two, and a pop-up menu would appear for you to choose from..  android:orientation=”vertical”. The first two take a security-mode parameter— for now, pass in 0. ThegetSharedPreferences() method also takes a name of a set of preferences—getPreferences() effectively callsgetSharedPreferences() with the activity’s class name as the preference set name. ThegetDefaultSharedPreferences() method takes theContext for the preferences (e.g., yourActivity)..   .setAlphabeticShortcut(‘c’);.   bufResult.append(“

“);.     startActivity(new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uri));. Binary large objects — BLOBs — are supported in many databases, including SQLite. However, the Android model is more aimed at supporting such hunks of data via their own separate contentUri values. A content provider, therefore, does not provide direct access to binary data, like photos, via aCursor. Rather, a property in the content provider will give you the contentUri for that particular BLOB. You can usegetInputStream() andgetOutputStream() on yourContentProvider to read and write the binary data.. . TheBroadcastReceiver, in turn, simply arranges to update the forecast on the UI thread:.  super.onResume();. To simulate an incoming call, fill in a phone number, choose the Voice radio button, and click Call. At that point, the emulator will show the incoming call, allowing you to accept it (via the green phone button) or reject it (via the red phone button) seen in Figure 37-14. [Картинка: i_107.png].