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Root Contents. For a row of widgets, the default is for them to be aligned so their text is aligned on the baseline (the invisible line that letters seem to“sit on”), though you may wish to specify a gravity ofcenter_vertical to center the widgets along the row’s vertical midpoint.Padding.    android:layout_span=”3″/>. • The widget that will contain this view, if needed for instantiating the view.  if(rate==null) {.  return(super.onCreateOptionsMenu(menu));. The Android browser is sufficiently complex that it gets its own Java package (android.webkit), though using the WebView widget itself can be simple or powerful, based upon your requirements..   android:summary=”Pick a tone, any tone” />. If the activity you intend to launch is one of your own, you may find it simplest to create an explicitIntent, naming the component you wish

to launch. For example, from within your activity, you could create anIntent like this:.   type = (EditText)findViewById(;. privatevoid processAdd(DialogWrapper wrapper) {.   values =new ContentValues();.  throw new SQLException(“Failed to insert row into ” + url);.    android:name=”android.intent.category.LAUNCHER” />. What may not be initially obvious is that this imagery is live. Your activity is polled every so often, controlled by the Refresh Rate slider. Anything you do in the activity will then be reflected in the Pixel Perfect View’s Normal and Loupe Views..

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