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android 17 how android device manager works

While it is possible for activities to not have a user interface, most likely your“headless” code will be packaged in the form of content providers or services, like the following described..  Button btn;. Why Use XML-Based Layouts?. The retrieves and configures the behavior of the checkbox:.   android:layout_width=”wrap_content”.  android:orientation=”vertical”.   selection=(TextView)findViewById(;. This activity will get launched by an intent requesting to view aUri representing piece of content. That intent could come from another activity in the same application (e.g., the MAIN activity for this application) or from another activity in another Android application that happens to know aUri that this activity handles.. Pick’Em.   android:layout_weight=”1″.    }. 1. Put anandroid:configChanges entry in yourAndroidManifest.xml file, listing the configuration changes you want to handle yourself versus allowing Android to handle for you.. // Declare the interface..    .makeText(this, “Request failed: ” + t.toString(), 4000).show();.    .