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private void updateTime() {.     android:paddingLeft=”4px”. To populate and use theSpinner, we need some Java code:.  }. This is similar to the approach that Mozilla’s XUL takes. In XUL’s case, thetabbox element corresponds to Android’sTabHost, the tabs element corresponds toTabWdget, andtabpanels corresponds to theFrameLayout.. • The configuration options (e.g.,-en) have a particular order of precedence, and they must appear in the directory name in that order. The Android documentation[19] outlines the specific order in which these options can appear. For the purposes of this example, screen orientation must precede touchscreen type, which must precede screen size.. • Find out how many rows are in the result set viagetCount(). importandroid.widget.Toast;. Here, given that we have the latitude and longitude of some position (lat andlon, respectively) of typeDouble, we construct ageo schemeUri and create anIntent requesting to view thisUri(ACTION_VIEW)..   btn.setOnClickListener(newView.OnClickListener() {. • Any Java classes that implement theParcelable interface, which is Android’s flavor of serialization.    publicvoid run() {.  >. . The T-Mobile G1 has a microSD card slot. Many other Android devices are likely to have similar forms of removable storage, which the Android platform refers to generically as an“SD card”..