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The padding specifies how much space there is between the boundaries of the widget’s “cell” and the actual widget contents. Padding is analogous to the margins on a word-processing document — the page size might be 8.5”x11”, but 1” margins would leave the actual text to reside within a 6.5”x9” area..   aa.setDropDownViewResource(.  publicbooleanisEmpty() {. In addition, the options menu operates in one of two modes: icon and expanded. When the user first presses the Menu button, the icon mode will appear, showing up to the first six menu choices as large, finger-friendly buttons in a grid at the bottom of the screen. If the menu has more than six choices, the sixth button will become. More— clicking that option will bring up the expanded mode, showing the remaining choices not visible in the regular menu. The menu is scrollable, so the user can get to any of the menu choices..  Button alert;.   android:orientation=”horizontal”.   .  android jetpack tutorial android where ringtones

that handles the content associated with thisUri..   Uri.parse("content://");.  android:readPermission="vnd.tla.sekrits.SEE SEKRITS". A service, running in the background, needs a way to let users know something of interest has occurred, such as when email has been received. Moreover, the service may need some way to steer the user to an activity where they can act upon the event— reading a received message, for example. For this, Android supplies status-bar icons, flashing lights, and other indicators collectively known as notifications.. Your current phone may well have such icons, to indicate battery life, signal strength, whether Bluetooth is enabled, and the like. With Android, applications can add their own status-bar icons, with an eye towards having them appear only when needed (e.g., when a message has arrived).. Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?. }.

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