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 />.  privateStringgetModel(int position) {.  xmlns:android=””.  . }. . To send aMessage to aHandler, first invokeobtainMessage() to get theMessage object out of the pool. There are a few flavors ofobtainMessage(), allowing you to just create emptyMessage objects, or ones populated with message identifiers and arguments. The more complicated yourHandler processing needs to be, the more likely it is you will need to put data into theMessage to help theHandler distinguish different events..;.   selection = (TextView)findViewById(;.   />.  ArrayList items =newArrayList();. Where things start to get complicated is when you need to use multiple disparate criteria for your resources. For example, let us suppose you want to develop both for the T-Mobile G1 and two currently-fictitious devices. One device (the Fictional One) has a VGA screen normally in a landscape orientation (640×480), an always-open QWERTY keyboard, a directional pad, but no touch-screen. The other device (the Fictional Two) has a G1-sized screen (320×480), a numeric keyboard but no QWERTY, a directional pad, and no touch-screen.. After executing themanagedQuery() and getting theCursor,ConstantsBrowser creates aSimpleCursorAdapter with the following parameters:. There are two types of search in Android: local and global. Local search searches within the current application; global search searches the Web via Google’s search engine. You can initiate either type of search in a variety of ways, including the following:.