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 />. Better. Stronger. Faster..   return(label);.     publicvoidonRatingChanged(RatingBar ratingBar,.    android:textSize=”20sp”.   isRunning = false;. This is one example— perhaps the most important example — of how an activity’s lifecycle will affect your own application logic. This chapter covers the various states and callbacks that make up an activity’s lifecycle and how you can hook into them appropriately..  . cv.put(Constants.VALUE, SensorManager.GRAVITY_DEATH_STAR_I);. REST and Relaxation. By default, when there is a change in the phone configuration that might affect resource selection, Android will destroy and re-create any running or paused activities the next time they are to be viewed. While this could happen for a variety of different configuration changes (e.g., change of language selection), it will most likely trip you up mostly for rotations, since a change in orientation can cause you to load a different set of resources (e.g., layouts).. publicvoid onDestroy() {. TheWeather andWeatherPlus sample applications (available in the Source Code area at show how to register for updates — callrequestLocationUpdates() on yourLocationManager instance. This takes four parameters:. ViewGroup zoom = (ViewGroup)findViewById(;. Where things get interesting, though, is when you choose a window and click Load View Hierarchy. After a few seconds, the details spring into view, in a perspective called the Layout View (see Figure 37-4). [Картинка: i_097.jpg].