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You may find yourself running into these sorts of problems as you try to get yourRelativeLayout to behave the way you want it to..   ArrayAdapter aa =newArrayAdapter(this,. Here, we attach the activity itself as the selection listener (spin.setOnItemSelectedListener(this)). This works because the activity implements theOnItemSelectedListener interface. We configure the adapter not only with the list of fake words, but also with a specific resource to use for the drop-down view (viaaa.setDropDownViewResource()). Also note the use ofandroid.R.layout.simple_spinner_item as the built-in View for showing items in the spinner itself. Finally, we implement the callbacks required byOnItemSelectedListener to adjust the selection label based on user input..  publicbooleanisEnabled(int position) {.  }.    android:title=”2nd-To-Last” />.  void loadTime() {.   android:summary=”Check it on, check it off” />.