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Activities, content providers, and intent receivers are all short-lived and can be shut down at any time. Services, on the other hand, are designed to keep running, if needed, independent of any activity. You might use a service for checking for updates to an RSS feed, or to play back music even if the controlling activity is no longer operating..  TextView label = null;. Of course, your activity might have real work to do, which takes non-negligible amounts of time. There are two ways of dealing with this:. The most flexible means of making an Android-friendly background thread is to create an instance of aHandler subclass. You only need oneHandler object per activity, and you do not need to manually register it or anything— merely creating the instance is sufficient to register it with the Android threading subsystem.. Figure 17-8. Editing a list preference. ((TextView)findViewById(R.layout.some_label)).setText(strResult);. • android.resource://…, is the name of the Java package used by your application inAndroidManifest.xml and… is the numeric resource ID for the resource in question (e.g., the value  if(isCollectionUri(url)) {.      AlertDialog.Builder builder =. • An optionalString containing some result data, possibly a URL to some internal or external resource— for example, anACTION_PICK Intent typically returns the selected bit of content via this data string.. . Where do theseUri instances come from?. As with an activity, the main entry point to a content provider isonCreate(). Here you can do whatever initialization you want. In particular, here is where you should lazy-initialize your data store. For example, if you plan on storing your data in such-and-so directory on an SD card, with an XML file serving as a“table of contents,” you should check if that directory and XML file are there and, if not, create them so the rest of your content provider knows they are out there and available for use..  marker.getIntrinsicHeight());. 4. On the API key signup page, paste in that MD5 signature and submit the form..