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  cb=(CheckBox)findViewById(;. After that we add in the field. We want the field to be to the right of the label, have both the field and label text aligned along the baseline, and for the field to take up the rest of this“row” in the layout. Those components are handled by three properties:.  .    list.add(new RowModel(s));.  publicintgetItemViewType(int position) {.  publicvoidsetAdapter(ListAdapter adapter) {. @Override.   name = (EditText)findViewById(;.    TextUtils.htmlEncode(name.getText().toString()));. You can also hard-wire literalString objects and convert them intoUri instances viaUri.parse(). For example, in Chapter 25, the sample code used anEditText withcontent://contacts/people pre-filled in. This isn’t an ideal solution, as the baseUri

values could conceivably change over time.. This will hopefully make more sense given an example..   if(values.containsKey(colName) == false) {.    “Original home of the Heisman Trophy”));.;. The Android SDK is more than a library of Java classes and API calls. It also includes a number of tools to assist in application development..

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