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  android:text=”Scissors” />. The orientation can be modified at runtime by invokingsetOrientation() on theLinearLayout, supplying it with eitherHORIZONTAL orVERTICAL.Fill Model.    }else{. • android:layout_centerVertical says the widget should be positioned vertically at the center of the container.. . Bound for Success. One of the firms behind the Open Handset Alliance— Google — has a teeny-weeny Web search service, one you might have heard of in passing. Given that, it’s not surprising that Android has some built-in search capabilities. Specifically, Android has baked in the notion of searching not only on the device for data, but over the air to Internetsources of data. Your applications can participate in the search process by triggering searches or perhaps by allowing your application’s data to be searched.. . If you want to simulate incoming calls or SMS messages to the Android emulator, DDMS can handle that as well..