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android better than iphone android have youtube play in background

Android’s SDK ships with a tool (aapt) which uses the layouts. This tool should be automatically invoked by your Android tool chain (e.g., Eclipse, Ant’sbuild.xml). Of particular importance to you as a developer is thataapt generates source file within your project, allowing you to access layouts and widgets within those layouts directly from your Java code.. The number of columns is determined by Android; you control the number of columns in an indirect fashion..  String[] items={“lorem”, “ipsum”, “dolor”, “sit”, “amet”,.   selection = (TextView)findViewById(;. public classStaticDemo extendsListActivity {. • TabWidget implements the row of tab buttons, which contain text labels and optionally contain icons.. importandroid.widget.Toast;.  10px.   Element time = (Element)times.item(i);. One of the main features of the modern desktop Web browser is tabbed browsing, where a single browser window can show several pages split across a series of tabs. On a mobile device this may not make a lot of sense, given that you lose screen real estate for the tabs themselves.. • An array ofMenu.Items, which will hold the menu items matching the array ofIntent instances supplied as the“specifics,” ornull if you do not need those items (or are not using“specifics”)..  String orderBy;. • WRITE CALENDAR,WRITE CONTACTS, and the like for modifying data in the built-in content providers. Icons. The source code and related resources can be found at the Android Open Source Project Web site.[38] Here, you can.