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Perhaps the biggest reason is to assist in the creation of tools for view definition, such as a GUI builder in an IDE like Eclipse or a dedicated Android GUI designer like DroidDraw[8]. Such GUI builders could, in principle, generate Java code instead of XML. The challenge is re-reading the UI definition to support edits—that is far simpler if the data is in a structured format like XML than in a programming language. Moreover, keeping generated XML definitions separated from hand-written Java code makes it less likely that somebody’s custom-crafted source will get clobbered by accident when the generated bitsget re-generated. XML forms a nice middle ground between something that is easy for tool-writers to use and easy for programmers to work with by hand as needed.. To make all this work, we need ways to reference other widgets within an XML layout file, plus ways to indicate the relative positions of those widgets.Positions Relative to a Container.  xmlns:android=””. Using the Holder Pattern.     LinearLayout.LayoutParams.FILL_PARENT));.   int position, long id) {.   switch(item.getItemId()) {.  . Regular Queries.