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 TextView selection;. }. The idea is thatRateableWrapper is where most of our rate-list logic resides. It puts the rating bars on the rows and it tracks the rating bars’ states as they are adjusted by the user. For the states, it has afloat[] sized to fit the number of rows that the delegate says are in the list..  }.  

application. That activity, in turn, simply callssetResult() with anotherIntent object, this one describing the live folder, such as its icon, name, and display mode (e.g.,LiveFolders.DISPLAY_MODE_LIST). ThisIntent also contains theUri pointing to theContentProvider whose information you are trying to display. ThatContentProvider should be updated to recognize the live folderUri and, onquery(), return an ID, title, and description of each piece of content in the provider (or a subset if appropriate). Android will take care of the rest, in terms of formatting the data in the live folder convention (large font title, small font description), pouring the query results into a list, etc..

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