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Creating a Skeleton Application . The root element needs to declare the Android XML namespace:. TheArrayAdapter constructor takes three parameters:.   android:id=”@+id/icon”.       label.setText(model.toString());.    rate.setRating(model.rating);.   delegate.registerDataSetObserver(observer);. TheDatePicker andDatePickerDialog allow you to set the starting date for the selection, in the form of a year, month, and day of month value. Note that the month runs from 0 for January through 11 for December. Most importantly, each let you provide a callback object (OnDateChangedListener orOnDateSetListener) where you are informed of a new date selected by the user. It is up to you to store that date someplace, particularly if you are using the dialog, since there is no other way for you to get at the chosen date later on..   setContentView(R.layout.main);. CHAPTER 12.    DocumentBuilder builder = DocumentBuilderFactory.   }. Dimensions are used in several places in Android to describe distances, such as a widget’s padding. While this book usually uses pixels (e.g.,10px for ten pixels), there are several different units of measurement available to you:.   Intent data) {.    }, 4000);.