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We’ve already seen the use of the Button widget in Chapters 4 and 5. As it turns out,Button is a subclass ofTextView, so everything discussed in the preceding section in terms of formatting the face of the button still holds..  }.  .   aa.setDropDownViewResource(.   “etiam”, “vel”, “erat”, “placerat”, “ante”,. Rather than building your activity’s options menu duringonCreate(), the way you wire up the rest of your UI, you instead need to implementonCreateOptionsMenu(). This callback receives an instance ofMenu..  String[] items={“lorem”, “ipsum”, “dolor”, “sit”, “amet”,. importandroid.os.Bundle;.  . To get the database off the device, you can use theadb pull command (or the equivalent in your IDE), which takes the path to the on-device database and the local destination as parameters. To store a modified database on the device, use adb push, which takes the local path to the database and the on-device destination as parameters..  android:layout_height=”fill_parent”. Notify-on-Change Support. This chapter covers how you can create your own services; the next chapter covers how you can use such services from your activities or other contexts. Both chapters will analyze theService/WeatherPlus sample application, with this chapter focusing mostly on theWeatherPlusService implementation.WeatherPlusService extends the weather-fetching logic of the originalInternet/Weather sample, by bundling it in a service that monitors changes in location, so the weather is updated as the emulator is“moved”.. }. importjava.util.List;.