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  }.     android:paddingLeft=”4px”. CHAPTER 13. .    XmlPullParser xpp =getResources().getXml(R.xml.words);. If you are used to developing for other databases, you are also probably used to having tools to inspect and manipulate the contents of the database, beyond merely the database’s API. With Android’s emulator, you have two main options for this.. • A result code from the child activity callingsetResult(). Typically this isRESULT_OK orRESULT_CANCELLED, though you can create your own return codes (pick a number starting withRESULT_FIRST_USER).. The activity is not much to look at (Figure 24-1). [Картинка: i_073.jpg]. The biggest“magic” here is the list of properties. The lineup of what properties are possible for a given content provider should be provided

by the documentation (or source code) for the content provider itself. In this case, we define logical values on theProvider content provider implementation class that represent the various properties (namely, the unique identifier, the display name or title, and the value of the constant)..  String orderBy;. • You can insert only into a collectionUri, so we validate that by callingisCollectionUri().. For example, here isgetType() fromProvider:. .   onNewIntent(getIntent());.   } else{.

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