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android broadcastreceiver how to youtube android play in background

• Possibly auses-sdk element to indicate what version of the Android SDK the application was built for.. To configure aLinearLayout, you have five main areas of control besides the container’s contents: the orientation, the fill model, the weight, the gravity, and the padding.Orientation. importandroid.view.Gravity;. • setContent(), where you indicate what goes in the tab content for this tab, typically theandroid:id of the view you want shown when this tab is selected. }.  . Toast.makeText(context, “Hello, world!”, 5000).show();.     android:layout_height=”wrap_content”. The activity is not much to look at (Figure 24-1). [Картинка: i_073.jpg]. • AString representing what amounts to a SQLORDER BY clause.  long rowID;.  String[] whereArgs) {. Your services can check permissions on a per-call basis viacheckCallingPermission(). This returnsPERMISSION GRANTED orPERMISSION DENIED, depending on whether the caller has the permission you specified. For example, if your service implements separate read and write methods, you could get the effect ofreadPermission andwritePermission in code by checking those methods for the permissions you need from Java.. However, the dialer you get from clicking the dial button is better, showing you the number you are about to dial in Figure 35-2. [Картинка: i_091.png]. Inserting the Card.