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 xmlns:android=””.    this.context = context;.   android:numStars=”3″.  android:layout_width=”fill_parent”. >. The Android browser is sufficiently complex that it gets its own Java package (android.webkit), though using the WebView widget itself can be simple or powerful, based upon your requirements..    android:key=”@string/checkbox”.    android:title=”Text Entry Dialog”. 1. The name of the table to query against. • AString[] representing values to“pour into” theWHERE clause, replacing any? found there.  long rowID;.   Button dial = (Button)findViewById(;.  . Much of the focus has been on the Eclipse plug-in, to integrate Android development with that IDE. Secondary emphasis has been placed on the plug-in’s equivalents for use in other IDEs or without an IDE, such as adb for communicating with a running emulator.. • While you can putter through most of the files on an emulator, you can access very little outside of/sdcard on an actual device, due to Android security restrictions..