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}.  • android:nextFocusRight. The easiest relations to set up tie a widget’s position to that of its container:.     android:paddingLeft=”4px”.   super(context);. As previously shown,EditText has content-aware flavors for entering in numbers, phone numbers, etc. Android also supports widgets (DatePicker,TimePicker) and dialogs (DatePickerDialog,TimePickerDialog) for helping users enter dates and times..    loadTime();. Android supports regular externalized strings, along with“string formats”, where the string has placeholders for dynamically-inserted information. On top of that, Android supports simple text formatting, called “styled text”, so you can make your words be bold or italic intermingled with normal text.. }.   super.onCreate(icicle);.    }. Second, scripting languages without JIT will inevitably be slower than compiled Dalvik applications. Slower may mean users experience sluggishness. Slower definitely means more battery life is consumed for the same amount of work. So, building a whole Android application in BeanShell, simply because you feel it is easier to program in may cause your users to be unhappy..  getContext().getContentResolver().notifyChange(url, null);. Invoking a Service.    android:layout_width=”wrap_content”.