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    android:layout_height=”80px”.   selection.setText(items[position]);.    if(getModel(position).length()> 4) {.  ListAdapter delegate =null;. This is one example— perhaps the most important example — of how an activity’s lifecycle will affect your own application logic. This chapter covers the various states and callbacks that make up an activity’s lifecycle and how you can hook into them appropriately..   try{. Figure 19-2. The same application, after filling in some heroic figure’s name. Get the Picture?. • res/layout-land-notouch-nokeys-480×320. • If the Java code assumes it runs on Java SE, Java ME, or Java EE, it may be missing some APIs that those platforms provide that Android does not. For example, some charting libraries assume the existence of Swing or Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) drawing primitives, which are generally unavailable on Android..   String page =generatePage();.    String contactUri = state.getString(“contact”);. interfaceIWeather {. 1. TheIntent specifying the service to start (again, the easiest way is probably to specify the service class, if it’s your own service).  unregisterReceiver(receiver);.