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For this grid, we take up the entire screen except for what our selection label requires. The number of columns is computed by Android (android:numColumns=”auto_fit”) based on 5-pixel horizontal spacing (android:horizontalSpacing=”5px”), 100-pixel columns (android:columnWidth=”100px”), with the columns absorbing any“slop” width left over (android:stretchMode=”columnWidth”)..   selection = (TextView)findViewById(;.     spec.setContent(newTabHost.TabContentFactory() {.    android:text=”This is the third panel”.  publicvoid onCreate(Bundle icicle) {. public classBrowserDemo3 extends Activity {.    Toast. The Kind of Pop-Ups You Like.  android:layout_height=”fill_parent”.       items.add(xpp.getAttributeValue(0));. 2. ImplementonConfigurationChanged() in yourActivity, which will be called when one of the configuration changes you listed inandroid:configChanges occurs.. In this case, updates can either be to a specific instance or applied across the entire collection, so we check the Uri (isCollectionUri()) and,

if it is an update for the collection, just perform the update. If we are updating a single instance, we need to add a constraint to theWHERE clause to only update for the requested row.. • Primitive values (int,float,double,boolean, etc.).   btn = (Button)findViewById(;. Figure 35-2. The Android Dialer activity, as launched from DialerDemo.

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