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 xmlns:android=””.  }. Since theProgressBar is tied closely to the use of threads— a background thread doing work, updating the UI thread with new progress information — we will hold off demonstrating the use ofProgressBar until Chapter 15..   menu.add(Menu.NONE, TWENTY_FOUR_ID, Menu.NONE, “24 Pixels”);.  . • You want different layouts for each combination of resolution and orientation. Instead of having theSQLiteQueryBuilder execute the query directly, we could have calledbuildQuery() to have it generate and return the SQLSELECT statement we needed, which we could then execute ourselves.. Following the Script. • If the Java code assumes it runs on Java SE, Java ME, or Java EE, it may be missing some APIs that those platforms provide that Android does not. For example, some charting libraries assume the existence of Swing or Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) drawing primitives, which are generally unavailable on Android..  

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