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  android:id=”@+id/cancel”.     android:background=”#884400″ />.    View row = convertView;.   }. • Dead: Either the activity was never started (e.g., just after a phone reset) or the activity was terminated, perhaps due to lack of available memory..   android:title=”Checkbox Preference”.  />.  publicvoid onCreate(Bundle icicle) {. db.insert(“constants”,getNullColumnHack(), cv);. • Size: Existing Java code designed for use on desktops or servers need not worry too much about on-disk size, or even in-RAM size. Android, of course, is short on both. Using third-party Java code, particularly when pre-packaged as JARs, may balloon the size of your application..   android:layout_height=”wrap_content”.  android:versionName=”1.0.0″>. The pattern is the same as before: use the provider particulars plus the data to be inserted to actually do the insertion. Please note the following:.  privateDrawable marker =null;.    android:text=”Number to dial:”.