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• android:layout_toLeftOf indicates that the widget should be placed to the left of the widget referenced in the property.. When compiled against the generated Java code and run on the emulator, we get the result shown in Figure 7-7. [Картинка: i_018.jpg].   android:layout_height=”fill_parent”.   “porttitor”, “sodales”, “pellentesque”, “augue”, “purus”};.   android:paddingRight=”2px”. Clicking the More button shows the remaining two menu choices (Figure 11-3). [Картинка: i_046.png].   isRunning = false;. • res/layout-port-stylus-12key-480×320. Note theintent-filter element under theactivity element. Here, we declare that this activity:.    />.  />. while here is the similar landscape layout:. Given aUri, you can perform basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations using a content provider.Uri instances can represent either collections or individual pieces of content. Given a collectionUri, you can create new pieces of content via insert operations. Given an instanceUri, you can read data represented by theUri, update that data, or delete the instance outright..  db = (new DatabaseHelper(getContext())).getWritableDatabase();. Figure A-2. Some stock Android 1.5 app widgets.