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Along with the standardTextView properties (e.g.,android:textStyle),EditText has many others that will be useful for you in constructing fields, including:.   android:layout_width=”wrap_content”. If that is not what you want, you need to specify a gravity. Using android:layout_gravity on a widget (or callingsetGravity() at runtime on the widget’s Java object), you can tell the widget and its container how to align it vis-?-vis the screen..   android:layout_below=”@id/entry”.  publicvoid onCreate(Bundle icicle) {.  }. TheFancy/Chrono sample project, found along with all other code samples in this chapter in the Source Code area of, shows a trivial layout containing a label and two buttons — the buttons will pop up the dialog flavors of the date and time pickers:. There are two flavors ofloadData(). The simpler one allows you to provide the content, the MIME type, and the encoding, all as strings. Typically, your MIME type will be text/html and your encoding will beUTF-8 for ordinary HTML.. The string resource manipulation can be found inapplyFormat(), which is called when the button is clicked. First, we get our format viagetString()— something we could have done atonCreate() time for efficiency. Next,

we format the value in the field using this format, getting aString back, since the string resource is in entity-encoded HTML. Note the use ofTextUtils.htmlEncode() to entity-encode the entered name, in case somebody decides to use an ampersand or something. Finally, we convert the simple HTML into a styled text object viaHtml.fromHtml() and update our label.. • res/layout-land-finger-qwerty-640×480.  String name = result.getString(1);.  . Manifest Destiny. In addition to binding to the service for the purposes of IPC, you can manually start and stop the service. This is particularly useful in cases where you want the service to keep running independently of your activities— otherwise, once you unbind the service, your service could well be closed down..   mgr.notify(NOTIFY_ME_ID, note);.

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