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android can’t install youtube android recyclerview adapter memory leaks

 @Override. For example, in the Basic/Label project, you will find the following layout file:. The result, just using the code-generated activity, is shown in Figure 6-2. [Картинка: i_007.jpg]. • TheContext to use (typically this will be your activity instance).    android.R.layout.simple_list_item_1, items));.  TextView selection;.  }.  public AdapterWrapper(ListAdapter delegate) {. TabActivity, likeListActivity, wraps a common UI pattern (activity made up entirely of tabs) into a pattern-aware activity subclass. You do not necessarily have to useTabActivity— a plain activity can use tabs as well.. Figure 10-8. The DynamicTab application, with three dynamically-created tabs. • Stopped: The activity was started by the user, is running, but it is hidden by other activities that have been launched or switched to. Your application will not be able to present anything meaningful to the user directly, only by way of aNotification..   />. 1. The baseUri of the content provider to query, or the instanceUri of a specific object to query.  super.onCreate();. Then, you can manually get the zoom controls to appear by callingdisplayZoomControls() on yourMapView, or they will automatically appear when the user pans the map as seen in Figure 34-1. [Картинка: i_089.png].