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package;.   android:layout_height=”wrap_content”.   int position, long id) {. In a traditional UI, you might use tabs to accomplish this end, such as aJTabbedPane in Java/Swing. In Android, you now have an option of using aTabHost container in much the same way— a portion of your activity’s screen is taken up with tabs which, when clicked, swap out part of the view and replace it with something else. For example, you might have an activity with a tab for entering a location and a second tab for showing a map of that location..;.  android:orientation=”vertical”. db = (new DatabaseHelper(getContext())).getWritableDatabase();.  }. This can be further broken down into two scenarios:.   viewButton.setEnabled(contact!=null);.  }. • AUri representing the collection or instance being queried.  android:readPermission=”vnd.tla.sekrits.SEE SEKRITS”.   10000.0f, onLocationChange);. • android:clickable=”true”, if you want users to be able to click and pan through your map.