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In our implementation, we then create the button instance (new Button(this)), tell it to send all button clicks to the activity instance itself (viasetOnClickListener()), call a privateupdateTime() method (discussed in a moment), and then set the activity’s content view to be the button itself (viasetContentView()).Note. . }.   android:stretchColumns=”0″>. Just as we checkconvertView to see if it is null in order to create the rowViews as needed, we also pull out (or create) the corresponding row’sViewWrapper. Then accessing the child widgets is merely a matter of calling their associated methods on the wrapper..  View base;.  voidsetRatingBar(RatingBar rate) {.  .    Toast.  EditText name;. Instead of having theSQLiteQueryBuilder execute the query directly, we could have calledbuildQuery() to have it generate and return the SQLSELECT statement we needed, which we could then execute ourselves.. }. Here, all we do is callupdateForecast() with theLocation supplied to theonLocationChanged() callback method. TheupdateForecast() implementation, as shown in Chapter 30, builds a Web page with the current forecast for the location and sends a broadcast so the activity knows an update is available.. map.getOverlays().add(new SitesOverlay(marker));. That XML resource provides two bits of information today:.