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 public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) {. What happens if we have two widgets that should split the available free space? For example, suppose we have two multi-line fields in a column, and we want them to take up the remaining space in the column after all other widgets have been allocated their space..   .   android:layout_height=”fill_parent”. Not surprisingly, the Android platform gives developers a wide range of ways to make use of this Internet access. Some offer high-level access, such as the integrated WebKit browser component we saw in Chapter 13. If you want, you can drop all the way down to using raw sockets. Or, in between, you can leverage APIs— both on-device and from 3rd-party JARs — that give you access to specific

protocols: HTTP, XMPP, SMTP, and so on..     android:text=”Location:”. The button’sOnClickListener simply takes the latitude and longitude, pours them into ageo schemeUri, then starts the activity.. update(). There are two ways for your application to enforce permissions, dictating where and under what circumstances they are required. You can enforce permissions in your code, but the easier option is to indicate in the manifest where permissions are required..  }. A more likely approach to getting theLocation from aLocationProvider, though, is to register for updates, as described in the next section..;.

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