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As the name suggests,GridView gives you a two-dimensional grid of items to choose from. You have moderate control over the number and size of the columns; the number of rows is dynamically determined based on the number of items the supplied adapter says are available for viewing..  xmlns:android=””.   super.onCreate(icicle);.   Button btn = (Button)findViewById(;.    android:key=”@string/text”. importandroid.view.View;. Finding and implementing a valid use for this facility is left as an exercise for the reader. Suffice it to say that you should not need to create your own cursor classes much, if at all, in ordinary Android development.. One of the main features of the modern desktop Web browser is tabbed browsing, where a single browser window can show several pages split across a series of tabs. On a mobile device this may not make a lot of sense, given that you lose screen real estate for the tabs themselves..