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• assets/ holds other static files you wish packaged with the application for deployment onto the device. Let’s look at an example (Containers/Linear) that shows LinearLayout properties set both in the XML layout file and at runtime.. .      newRatingBar.OnRatingBarChangeListener() {.   android:stepSize=”1″.   }.  . . The two most important pieces of an intent are the action and what Android refers to as the“data”. These are almost exactly analogous to HTTP verbs and URLs — the action is the verb, and the “data” is aUri, such ascontent://contacts/people/1 representing a contact in the contacts database. Actions are constants, such asACTION_VIEW (to bring up a viewer for the resource),ACTION_EDIT (to edit the resource), orACTION_PICK (to choose an available item givena Uri representing a collection, such ascontent://contacts/people).. Doing It By Hand.  String[] selectionArgs, String sort) {. Content providers offer two distinct attributes:readPermission andwritePermission:.  HttpGet getMethod = new HttpGet(url);. Let us now take a peek at theNotifications/Notify1 sample project (available in the Source Code section at, in particular theNotifyDemo class:. android -keypass android.