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What Androids Are Made Of. Activities . It’s worth noting that not every Java SE class is available to Android programs. Visit the Android class reference[7] to see what is and is not available.. You can subclassArrayAdapter and overridegetView() to“roll your own” views:.    android:textStyle=”bold”.  publicvoid onCreateContextMenu(ContextMenu menu, View v,.     StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer();.  android:layout_width=”fill_parent”.     String _lat = lat.getText().toString();.  returncount;. Creating a service implementation shares many characteristics with building an activity. You inherit from an Android-supplied base class, override some lifecycle methods, and hook the service into the system via the manifest.. Classic IPC is one-way: the client calls functions on the service. It is possible, through the creative use of AIDL, to allow the service to call back into an activity. However, this is a bit fragile, as the service may not know if the activity is still around or if it has been killed off to free up some memory..   IBinder binder) {.  ArrayList items =newArrayList();. For example, to create a 1GB SD card image, to simulate the G1’s SD card in the emulator, you could run:.