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 public void onClick(View view) {. Figure 7-2 shows the result when the sample application is first launched inside the emulator. [Картинка: i_013.jpg]. • android:layout_toLeftOf indicates that the widget should be placed to the left of the widget referenced in the property..  android:orientation=”vertical”.   setContentView(R.layout.main);.   delegate.registerDataSetObserver(observer);.    rate.setStepSize(1.0f);.   });.   spec.setIndicator(Button);. After getting ourViewFlipper widget from the layout, we first set up the“in” and “out” animations. In Android terms, an animation is a description of how a widget leaves (”out”) or enters (”in”) the viewable area. Animations are a complex beast, eventually worthy of their own chapter but not covered in this text. For now, realize that animations are resources, stored inres/anim/ in your project. For this example, we are using a pair of animations supplied by the SDK samples, available under the Apache 2.0 License. As their names suggest, widgets are“pushed” to the left, either to enter or leave the viewable area.. One possible Java scripting language is BeanShell.[26] BeanShell gives you Java-compatible syntax with implicit typing and no compilation required..  myLocationManager.removeUpdates(onLocationChange);.   });. To use DDMS to supply location updates to your application, the first thing you must do is have your application use thegps LocationProvider, as that is the one that DDMS is set to update.. On the Emulator Control tab, above the Location Controls group, is the Telephony Actions group (see Figure 37-13). [Картинка: i_106.png].