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All Things Are Relative.   android:horizontalSpacing=”5px”.   delegate.unregisterDataSetObserver(observer);.  }.  xmlns:android=””.   spec.setIndicator(Clock);.   });.

.    android:textSize=”20sp”.    android:text=”Ringtone:”.   }. Now that we have aCursor viamanagedQuery(), we have access to the query results and can do whatever we want with them. You might, for example, manually extract data from theCursor to populate widgets or other objects.. Your services can check permissions on a per-call basis viacheckCallingPermission(). This returnsPERMISSION GRANTED orPERMISSION DENIED, depending on whether the caller has the permission you specified. For example, if your service implements separate read and write methods, you could get the effect ofreadPermission andwritePermission in code by checking those methods for the permissions you need from Java.. @Override. • 2, indicating the Android 1.5 SDK with no add-ons.