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Android devices have the ability to play back and record audio and video. While the specifics may vary from device to device, you can query the device to learn its capabilities and then take advantage of the multimedia capabilities as you see fit, whether that is to play back music, take pictures with the camera, or use the microphone for audio note-taking..    if( {.   int count, int after) {. .  />.  publicvoid onCreate(Bundle icicle) {. To manually flip the views, we need to hook into theButton and flip them ourselves when the button is clicked:. For theViewFlipper contents, we will create largeButton widgets, each containing one of a set of random words. And, we will set up theViewFlipper to automatically rotate between theButton widgets, using an animation for transition:. Pieces of Intents. The canonical example of usingaddIntentOptions() illustrates another flavor of having a piece of content and not knowing the actions that can be taken. In the previous example, showingActivityAdapter, the content was from some other Android application, and we know nothing about it. It is also possible, though, that we know full well what the content is— it’s ours. However, Android applications are perfectly capable of adding new actions to existing content types, so even though you wrote your application and know what you expect to be done with your content, there may be other options you are unaware of that are available to users.. Permissions are confirmed at the time the application is installed— the user will be prompted to confirm it is OK for your application to do what the permission calls for. This prompt is not available in the current emulator, however.. To accomplish this,LocationManager offersaddProximityAlert(). This registers aPendingIntent, which will be fired off when the device gets within a certain distance of a certain location. TheaddProximityAlert() method takes the following as parameters:. Then, we enable and disable the compass rose as appropriate:. Hierarchical Management. • File bug reports[41] against the operating system itself.