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Clicking the button— in other words, clicking pretty much anywhere on the phone’s screen — will update the time shown in the button’s label.. . Next you need to implementonCreateContextMenu(), which, among other things, is passed theView you supplied inregisterForContextMenu(). You can use that to determine which menu to build, assuming your activity has more than one.. .   String simpleResult = String.format(format,. CHAPTER 20. String[] parms = {“snicklefritz”};. There may be circumstances in which you want to use your ownCursor subclass rather than the stock implementation provided by Android. In those cases, you can usequeryWithFactory() andrawQueryWithFactory(), which take aSQLiteDatabase.CursorFactory instance as a parameter. The factory, as one might expect, is responsible for creating new cursors via itsnewCursor() implementation..     viewButton.setEnabled(true);.   values =new ContentValues();. In this case,readPermission controls access to querying the content provider, whilewritePermission controls access to insert, update, or delete data in the content provider.. Enforcing Permissions Elsewhere. Clicking on the cancel button, or clicking on the Clear Notifications button in the drawer, will remove the red ball from the status bar.. 4. ALocationListener that will be notified of key location-related events, as shown in the following code:. If you wish to allow users to change the zoom level, you will need to do a few things:.