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  cb.setOnCheckedChangeListener(this);.    android:text=”OK” />. public classGridDemo extendsActivity.   super.onCreate(icicle);.  RatingBar rate = null;. The Idiosyncrasies.    android:textColor=”#FF00FF00″.  @Override. For example, let’s create aProgressBar and update it via aHandler. Here is the layout from theThreads/Handler sample project. This sample code along with all others in this chapter can be found in the Source Code section at   .getBoolean(“checkbox”,false)).toString());.   }.  My name is%1$s. Those activities are simple modifications to the earlier browser demos:. For example, to create a 1GB SD card image, to simulate the G1’s SD card in the emulator, you could run:. Android 1.5 introduces some new widgets, notablySlidingDrawer andHorizontalScrollView..