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  boolean isChecked) {.  }. • android:layout_alignParentBottom says the widget’s bottom should align with the bottom of the container..  android:layout_height=”wrap_content”. Assuming that each of your rows has the same basic structure, you can usefindViewById() to get at the individual widgets that make up your row and change their contents, then returnconvertView fromgetView() rather than create a whole new row..       float rating, boolean fromTouch) {.  @Override. Next, we need to put an image file inres/drawable with a base name of icon. In this case, we use a 32×32 PNG file from the Nuvola[16] icon set. Finally, we twiddle the Java source, replacing ourButton with anImageButton: . Building with Builders. Figure 20-1. The SQLite Manager Firefox extension.    . Building a content provider is probably the most complicated and tedious task in all of Android development. There are many requirements of a content provider, in terms of methods to implement and public data members to supply. And, until you try using it, you have no great way of telling if you did any of it correctly (versus, say, building an activity and getting validation errors from the resource compiler).. Just as an activity and intent receiver are both Java classes, so is a content provider. So, the big step in creating a content provider is crafting its Java class, with a base class ofContentProvider..  }. Figure 32-1. The NotifyDemo activity main view.