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You may have one or more provider elements indicating content providers— components that supply data to your activities and, with your permission, other activities in other applications on the device. These wrap up databases or other data stores into a single API that any application can use. Later you’ll see how to create content providers and how to use content providers that you or others create..  @Override.   int position, long id) {.     publicvoidonClick(DialogInterface dlg, int sumthin) {.  ProgressBar bar;. Mostly, the aforementioned methods are for dealing with things at the application-general level (e.g., wiring together the last pieces of your UI inonCreate(), closing down background threads inonPause())..    Document doc = builder.parse(in, null);. Of course, there are even easier ways to have XML files available to you as pre-packaged files, such as by using an XML resource. That is covered in the next chapter. However, while this example uses XML, the file could just as easily have been a simple one-word-per-line list, or in some other format not handled natively by the Android resource system.. • res/layout-port-stylus-12key-480×320. • res/layout-land-notouch-640×480.   Intent data) {.  setListAdapter(adapter);. .   });.      updateForecast();.