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Given that you have painstakingly set up the widgets and containers in an XML layout file namedmain.xml stored inres/layout, all you need is one statement in your activity’sonCreate() callback to use that layout:.  }.  public static finalint THIRTY_TWO_ID = Menu.FIRST+5;.    android:textSize=”20sp”. As with the regular Android browser, you can pan around the page by dragging it, while the directional pad moves you around all the focusable elements on the page.. Categories are added via aPreferenceCategory element in your preference XML and are used to group together related preferences. Rather than have your preferences all as children of the rootPreferenceScreen, you can put a fewPreferenceCategory elements in thePreferenceScreen, and then put your preferences in their appropriate categories. Visually, this adds a divider with the category title between groups of preferences..   qb.setProjectionMap(getDefaultProjection());.  } else{. No matter how you execute the query, you get aCursor back. This is the Android/SQLite edition of the database cursor, a concept used in many database systems. With the cursor, you can do the following:.  db.rawQuery(“SELECT ID, name, inventory FROM widgets”);.      .setPositiveButton(“OK”,null).show();. Intent Routing.   android:singleLine=”true”. Content providers offer two distinct attributes:readPermission andwritePermission:. @Override.