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•, a property file used by the Ant build script.;. On the stock Android emulator, when the activity is first viewed, you see what’s shown in Figure 7-8. [Картинка: i_019.jpg].   int position, long id) {.  publicvoid onListItemClick(ListView parent, View v,.  classCheckAdapter extendsArrayAdapter {. To find out when a context-menu choice was selected, implementonContextItemSelected() on the activity. Note that you get only theMenuItem instance that was chosen in this callback. As a result, if your activity has two or more context menus, you may want to ensure they have unique menu-item identifiers for all their choices so you can tell them apart in this callback. Also, you can callgetMenuInfo() on theMenuItem to get theContextMenu.ContextMenuInfo you received inonCreateContextMenu(). Otherwise, this callback behaves the same asonOptionsItemSelected(), described in the previous section.. Initially the activity looks the same in the emulator as it did forListDemo (see Figure 11-1). [Картинка: i_044.png].  . At least on the G1, this appears to only work when going from the traditional upright portrait position to the traditional landscape position— rotating 90 degrees counter-clockwise. Rotating the device 90 degrees clockwise results in no change in the screen..  Provider.Constants._ID, Provider.Constants.TITLE,.   });. The Manual tab is fairly self-explanatory: provide a latitude and longitude and click the Send button to submit that location to the emulator. The emulator, in turn will notify any location listeners of the new position..