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Anyone with experience in programming for PDAs or phones has felt the pain of phones simply being smallin all sorts of dimensions:.  .     android:layout_gravity=”center_vertical” />.  convertView.setText(buildStringFor(position));.  .   browser.loadDataWithBaseURL(“x-data://base”, page,. To send aMessage to aHandler, first invokeobtainMessage() to get theMessage object out of the pool. There are a few flavors ofobtainMessage(), allowing you to just create emptyMessage objects, or ones populated with message identifiers and arguments. The more complicated yourHandler processing needs to be, the more likely it is you will need to put data into theMessage to help theHandler distinguish different events..  xmlns:android=””>.  Harrisburg.  publicvoid onCreate(Bundle icicle) {.  PHL. • An optionalString containing some result data, possibly a URL to some internal or external resource— for example, anACTION_PICK Intent typically returns the selected bit of content via this data string..    outState.putString(“contact”, contact.toString());. Then, once you have a target in mind, to create the AVD itself, execute the following command:.